Friday, 4 December 2015

7 Things to Consider for an Affordable Home | Builders in Cochin

Building an own house is one of the costly investment one make in their life. So many questions and doubts arises during this time. One among this is the budget, seek help of a professional builder. Being one of the leading Builders in Cochin, we Active Designs can give you a few ideas for an affordable home. Here are some:

1. Make it small, yet appealing: 

 Just think, how much space you really need? This is one of the common mistakes everyone does, building a too big home!!! Along with the cost of building, it also lacks supervision. Based on creative home construction ideas an increase in ceiling height is a good thought for small home, so that multiple windows can be incorporated which invites more light and air, also the room appears more spacious.

2. Avoid Complexity, make it simple: 

One most often seen feature is that incorporating too much of designs in one project. For example a roof top with more angular sections will definitely grab some attention from your neighbours, but rarely one can experience the attraction of the design from inside. Opting the box design for the home is a solution for this. Builders in Kochi using this design are common these days.

3. Minimize walls: 

Keep the house plan simple and open. This is one method to minimize cost, a fewer wall means less material, that is less costly. In addition, multiple areas can be visually connected and the room appears wider.

4. Simple detailing:

You can replace the wooden casting around windows by affordable metals. Use some bold colors that pop out, which give some highlight to that particular area.

5. Smart design & material choices:

On designing always consider, where it really matters. In the opinion of Smart home builders, public places like a living room, dining area, kitchen etc. can be provided with some extra detailing while the bedroom, bathroom etc. can be kept simple. For example: the wooden finishing in the staircase definitely grabs our attention even if there is a delicious meal on the dining table.
Speaking about the material choices, Be wise, You don’t need an expensive tile in your bathroom, ceramic tiles still remain as the best solution in the eyes of house designers in Kochi.

6. Find some design copy cats:

If you have the idea of what you want, just shop around you may find similar designs at a much lower price. There may be some secret markets for such purchases in every locality. An experienced house contractor can help you to find one. Online markets are another solution, so checkout some online stores..!

7. Ignore external pressure:

Your relatives friends and neighbours always expect you to purchase products from where they did. “We have done our kitchen fabrication by so and so, They are really should try them”...Don’t fall for such statements, what if such design doesn’t fit your home theme? Ask your builder or architecture they can suggest a solution that match with your theme also with a guarantee assurance.

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Friday, 20 November 2015

As a creatively oriented organisation, we often PLAY with every day utilitarian items, and reinterpret it in a different manner, to make it relevant for its  purpose, for the ambience and sometimes as a storyboard.
For most of us, who are parents, this past week mostly evolved around CHILDREN’s DAY celebrations. And this week, we pay a tribute to childhood…best encapsulated by TOYS. One can use this to design and decor their Kids room. Toys are reminiscent of a carefree, innocent time in our lives, mostly spend in a makebelieve world. Recapture a bit of that whimsical world in elegant interpretations as decor in your home or office table.
A few ideas that are inspired by toys and accessories...

The old truck as table decor or CD holder, the worn teddy as wall art, dinosaurs drilled to hold toothbrushes, test tubes from the science experiment as spice rack in a kitchen,  the zoo as canister tops, mirror framed with the hot wheels favorites, lego men in a the old gold fish bowl as a tea light holder, bath tub rubber duck from a time with mama…..Not all of it has been tried and tested by us, but here’s one that made a striking entry detail…

KEEP CHASING THOSE BUTTERFLIES…Celebrate childhood for life...!!

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

How to check if you need to hire an interior designer?

Your home should be the reflection of your personality, attitude and lifestyle . Look around!  If your home, office or any building lacks a character, it’s time for you to hire an interior designer. If you like a creative person’s perspective towards your building decoration, an interior designer is the one who can help you. Hiring an interior designer will always result good, if

  • "You are an extremely busy person"

Interior designing - the word itself weighs much. Whatever the design is there always be a case study, planning, organizing and executing. And as a matter of truth each of this stage delivers a good amount of stress. If you are a person who is always engaged in busy assignments, you may not have enough patience to welcome creative thoughts. The solution is to contact an interior design                                                                                    company.

  • "You are confused"

If you are a person who wants to buy that black bag which you find attractive in the store, even though you went there to choose a different color other than your black collection..! Have you experienced such a dilemma? Then you are confused to choose between appealing things. There is no doubt that every inspiring interior design ideas in the magazines and design websites will catch your attention. An experienced professional in interior designing can sit-down with you and make a better decision for you.

  • "You are not  aware about  interior designs"

An interior design expert is always updated with new and trendy ideas,  he/she may know all the pros and cons in executing those designs.  So they can select suitable designs that fit to you budget. They can give you advice regarding the design of everything from floor to ceiling including space utilization, matching textures, furniture, lighting, decorating plants etc.

  • "You can’t balance design and its price"

This is the most important reason one decides to hire a home interior designer. Only an experienced  interior decorator can bring the best designs even on a tight budget. Home is probably the most valuable asset one owns, you want each and every corner to be unique. Seek the help of trusted interior designers that provides you multiple solutions.

Best interior designers offer a good consultation, they may even come to your home , listen to your ideas with an open mindset, incorporate those effectively at reasonable price. Appointing an interior designer always sounds good since that rewards you a quality design.

Why Active designs ?

Active design is one of the leading interior design company in Cochin, Kerala that provides you with a collection of modern and classy interior designs. We are proved to be the best choice, when a building needs a face lift. With special care we offer quality work every time to our clients.

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Sunday, 4 October 2015


An own house is everyone’s dream, they even want it to be luxurious,but the tight budget and lack of area is the major problem encountered by all. Most of them sacrifices the luxury when it comes to budget. But a few balances both with creative interior designs. In Kochi mostly all follows the traditional method of 2BHK or 3BHK,they never tried multipurpose interior design ideas which are very common now a days.  

Cochin home designers are now experts in this innovative designing method. Active designs in kochi are one among the developing construction firm in this area. This solves the problem of lack of space. That means we can use the single room for different purpose such as, staircase walls turned to bookshelf.

   Construction firms that mostly based on this are considered to be the  best interior designers .Again there are some who doesn't want to lose traditional look of their home, and some having  so many memories associated with their old home, Renovating old homes are a relief to them. Building maintenance companies in kochi paves a way for that. Their magical touch even turns unappealing shanties into a palaces.
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